Heavy Chef of December 2012 – eCommerce

The last Heavy Chef talk for 2012 was centred around eCommerce in South Africa and the Heavy Chef team had managed to rope in some of the local heavyweights to share their insights and thoughts. The speakers were Kate Jansen of Zando, Jenna Bloch of Kalahari and Andrew Smith of Yuppie Chef. I’ve jotted down […]

Selling a used car online in South Africa

Buying a car in South Africa is not easy, the choice is limited and cars cost much more than the equivalent model Europe or America. So when it came to selling cars I wasn’t sure what the story was going to be. Years ago, before the internet started being a thing, you had to place […]

Superdry Cape Town Store Launch

On the 18th of October I was SUPER excited (to use Superdry’s language) to read that there was going to be a Superdry pop-up store opening on the 1st of November in the V&A. Given I work in the online retail space, I went straight into iCal and diarised 09h00 on the 1st of November […]

Moleskin Evernote Notebooks

I was reading on PopScoop that MoleskineĀ andĀ EvernoteĀ have teamed up to introduce a new product on the border between an iconic notebook and modern technology. The idea is you can use your smartphone to take a snapshot taken with the Evernoteā€™s App, then handwritten words and sketches found inside the new Evernote Smart Notebook can easily […]

Call Centres and Social Media

Being a consumer in South Africa and having to contact a call centre normally leaves one feeling anxious. 99% of the time you’re not going to get what you want. Here is one example that happened to me today with an inbound sales call centre environment. I go to the Travel Insurance Companies website, I […]

Social Media Management – not as glamorous as you think

I don’t run the 5Rooms Facebook page, but they do a fantastic job. Then again, they have to do a fantastic job, they are a digital retailer. This screen grab is an example of the extremely time consuming nature of social media management. Every questions gets answered, even ones where the answer is staring the […]

Career Assessments

When I was 13 (or the 3rd year in the English system) I did a “career assessment” and based on the outcome of that test I had to write an assignment on a job that was tailored to my psychological and academic profile. The test results came back and I was told I would be […]

Facebook Tackles Vast Amount of Data With Project Prism

Since the beginning of the internet the amount of information available has snowballed. This has lead to data centres having to deal with with more and more information. The corporations who have had to deal with massively growing amounts of data (and moving it around globally) have had to come up with incredibly brilliant ways […]

Seagate Backup Plus Portable Icon for Mac OS X

I just bought a Black 1TB Seagate Backup Plus Portable external hard drive to keep a Time Machine backup while I am on the moveĀ and I wanted to have a lovely little icon that popped up each time I plugged it in. As I did before, I tried to find an icon to use on […]

WooCommerce Quotes instead of Orders

I recently helped set up a website for a client that sells rubber products (hose, pipes, matts etc). Their prices change daily as exchange rates and oil prices fluctuate – the changes are so important to their business they have an employee that sits at a computer all day to change product prices in their […]