25 March 2010

Hi. My name is Nicholas Soper. I am a surfer (water baby), lifelong learner and digital consultant currently living in Cape Town, South Africa.

Professional Profile

I’ve been a factory worker, barman, student, designer, web developer, strategist, manager and business owner. So instead of¬†maintaining multiple¬†sets professional profiles my work history¬†is available on LinkedIn . If you can’t see my LinkedIn Profile because we are not connected, please send me a message through this website’s contact page or connect on twitter¬†(I don’t tend to accept LinkedIn invitations from people I¬†don’t know). You can visit my LinkedIn profile with this link: Visit my Linked In Profile.

Personal background

As an unwilling captive often referred to as ‘childhood’, my parents, and by association I, moved around a lot. Growing up I was given the unique perspective¬†to have lived in England, Kenya, America, South Africa and Cyprus before I left home.

The day after I finished my last A-Level exam (A-Levels are the final high school exams in the UK), ¬†I started working nights in factories (12 hours a night, 6 days a week) to save enough money to do¬†a gap year. This was not a traditional gap year, it wasn’t volunteer travel, it was a surf trip that was full of epic adventures and tremendous personal growth. Along the way I passed through¬†L.A, Hawaii, Fiji, Australia, South Africa and Kenya. I started the trip as an 18 year old school leaver and came back smarter, more independent and a much better surfer. I would recommend traveling and¬†following your dream before and after university, if you can. I would also recommend working in factories for long hours, at nights as it provides unparalleled perspective into¬†the lives of individuals who don’t have the luxury of choice.

At university I studied Engineering foundation course at The University of Plymouth for a year, before switching to what was know then as Media Lab Arts¬†(now Digital Art and Technology). At the time is¬†was¬†cited as one of the UK’s top digital/design course by Computer Arts Magazine. I also was treasurer of the surf club for 2 years helping to organise surf trips, socials and the clubs finances. I also worked in a cocktail bar.

I am lucky enough to hold a permanent residency permit for South Africa. This is how I am able to choose to live and work in the wonderful city of Cape Town.

In a world where profiles are locked behind registration screens and privacy settings, questionable data ownership and copyright theft, I thought I’d share 2c about me. Perhaps it will start¬†a conversation, or perhaps not. My social profile links are on the little icons if you’re into that sort of thing.