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I’ve done a few logos in my time, mainly for personal projects, but not lately and especially not a full set of brand guidelines for a client.  This would have been something I briefed into the creative studio in my Agency days. So when a close friend of mine and co-founder of Workonline Communications asked me to help with their new branding, I was a little reluctant, but ultimately I couldn’t resist the design challenge. After all I think once you’re a designer you don’t stop being a designer.

After 20-30 sketches of a logo icon (which I did over the Easter Holidays) we settled on 3 concepts to move forward with. Eventually we ended up going with a really simple concept of lines between dots – the way you represent a network, which is also the core of their business.

Once the logo was done and signed off I rolled out a new WordPress website for them, and a brand guideline document to help keep the brand on track and congruent.


Here is a mockup of the website and a page out of the brand guidelines I produced.


And here is a larger version of the logo.

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