FitKey is a hit

I recently signed up to the new fitness app called FitKey and I wanted to share my experience and thoughts, because it is new, very different (in a good way) and I think a lot of people will benefit from it.

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What is FitKey?

FitKey is a South African startup that let’s you go to hundreds of gyms and studios in Cape Town, Joburg and Pretoria for R495/month. FitKey is month to month and there is no 12 month lock in.

What FitKey looks like

The FitKey experience

I signed up to FitKey through there website, downloaded FitKey iOS App and signed in. It was pretty painless. After that the fun begins.

Once you’ve signed up you get access to their back end booking system which lets you book classes. You are presented with a list of classes that are available and close to you, on the same day and in time order, as well as the name, type of class and the location. You can also search for classes in the future, by city, suburb or category to plan when and where you want to work out.

They have everything from Yoga, S.W.E.A.T. 1000, Crossfit to Adventure Bootcamp, meditation and more. It’s the options available that make FitKey so unique. Where are you going to be able to do Crossfit, Yoga and learn meditation for one fee and no contract?

I have been telling myself I need to get into boxing – boxers are lean and strong, so I booked a 6pm Boxfit class at Mojo Boxing and Fitness in Sea Point. I thought there’d be more to it that pushing “reserve” but there wasn’t. It was just a simple one button press thing.

I got to the gym, Joseph saw I was new, asked me if I was from FitKey, I said yup. The class begins, but not before I took an awkward selfie. (And be glad I did, an after shot would have been a bad idea).

Discovered Mojo Fitness and Boxing in Sea Point thanks to the @fitkeysa app. Great workout, lots of smiles and 800 calories smashed in 60 minutes. #boxing #FitKey #capetown #seapoint #fitness #sleekgeek #siliconcape #beforephoto

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The class was a hit, excuse the pun. 800 calories burned in an hour, lots of smiles, friendly people and really great direction from the instructors.

Why is FitKey great?

The thing that struck me straight away was that before FitKey I didn’t even know the Mojo Fitness gym existed – and I live right down the street. I also realised there is so much more to fitness life in Cape Town than Virgin Active, runs (jogs?) on the promenade and hiking Lions Head. Also, now I get vitality points for working out via my Apple Watch I don’t need to go to Virgin to get my vitality points.

I am excited to keep exploring the fitness options in my city, and also trying it out when I’m in Joburg next time work drags me out of the mother city.

Disclosure: My company Easy Tiger is employed by FitKey for digital marketing, this was my real experience of using FitKey for the first time and I was not paid to write this.

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